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American Academy of Pediatrics presented with SHAME Award as part of protest

On August, 27, 2012, the American Academy of Pediatrics updated its Circumcision Policy Statement to claim that there are health benefits that are sufficient to justify performing male circumcision on healthy infants.

Members of Bay Area Intactivists stand with signs condemning the American Academy of Pediatrics for its promotion of infant circumcision.

Intactivists honor Gore Vidal with memorial

Upon learning of the passing of writer Gore Vidal, members of Bay Area Intactivists organized a memorial to honor him for expressing his condemnation of circumcision in his writings. On August 3, a placard with the following two excerpts from Vidal's book Myra Breckinridge was mounted at the corner of Castro Street and 18th Street in San Francisco.

Bay Area Intactivists members Frank McGinness (left) and Jonathon Conte (right) stand next to a memorial honoring Gore Vidal.

Circumcision ruling celebrated at German Consulate General

Overjoyed by the German court ruling that the non-therapeutic circumcision of male minors constitutes a violation of the fundamental right to bodily integrity, members of Bay Area Intactivists held two rallies of support at the San Francisco German Consulate General in July. The intactivists were all smiles as they waved German flags and held messages of gratitude in front of the consulate gate.

Members of Bay Area Intactivists stand at the gate of the San Francisco German Consulate General with signs and smiles to express gratitude to Germany for restricting circumcision.

4th of July festivities at Berkeley Marina include Bay Area Intactivists booth

Members of the human rights group Bay Area Intactivists returned to the Berkeley Marina to staff a booth during the annual 4th of July celebration hosted there. Despite a few snide remarks made towards the volunteers, the intactivists received mostly positive reactions as they distributed leaflets, bracelets, and stickers for free to festival attendees. Several individuals expressed deep gratitude for the group's commitment to end genital mutilation.

Members of Bay Area Intactivists pose in front of their booth at the Berkeley Marina.

Another Senator Leno fundraiser marked by protest

Yet another re-election fundraiser for California Senator Mark Leno was marked by the presence of protesters outraged by his opposition to the San Francisco Male Genital Mutilation Bill and his endorsement of AB 768, the California law which prohibits any city from restricting circumcision to consenting adults. A half dozen members of Bay Area Intactivists held signs at the entrance to One Ferry Plaza Restaurant where the fundraiser took place at the end of June.

Intactivsts hold signs criticizing Senator Mark Leno at one of his recent re-election fundraisers.

Intactivist messages abound at San Francisco Pride

For those attending San Francisco's LGBT Pride celebration this year, it was hard to miss the numerous messages citing infant circumcision as unnecessary, risky, harmful, and unethical.

Members of Bay Area Intactivists march in the 2012 San Francisco LGBT Pride Parade.

Circumcision questioned at San Mateo baby fair

Members of Bay Area Intactivists received another warm welcome during the staffing of their booth at the San Francisco Birth & Baby Fair which was held on June 23 in San Mateo. This baby fair is one of several in the San Francisco Bay area that is attended by members of Bay Area Intactivists in order to raise awareness of the damage caused by circumcision and the proper care for intact children. The next baby fair to feature a Bay Area Intactivists booth will be the Birth & Family Fair in Palo Alto on Saturday, September 15.

Members of Bay Area Intactivists staff their booth at the Birth & Baby Fair in San Mateo.

Protesters slam ACLU at Pride Brunch

On June 23, Gary Virginia and Donna Sachet hosted their annual Pride Brunch to honor San Francisco LGBT Pride Parade Grand Marshals as part of a fundraising effort for the Positive Resource Center. Those attending the brunch at the Hotel Whitcomb were met by a half-dozen human rights activists from the group Bay Area Intactivists. The protesters were armed with signs condemning the ACLU of Northern California, one of the parade Grand Marshals, for its recent defense of non-therapeutic, infant circumcision.

Members of Bay Area Intactivists condemn the ACLU of Northern California for defending infant circumcision.


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