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AB 768 Press Conference Demonstration

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On Thursday, July 21, Assemblyman Mike Gatto and Assemblywoman Fiona Ma held a press conference in San Francisco to promote Assembly Bill 768 which aims to prevent local government from protecting boys from non-therapeutic, genital surgery. The proposed legislation is aimed squarely at striking down efforts such as the San Francisco Male Genital Mutilation Bill. Several members of Bay Area Intactivists were present to protest AB 768 and to demand the human right to genital integrity for all children.

Jonathon Conte protests while Assemblyman Mike Gatto speaks.


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San Francisco Police were present and did a very good job. Also present was California Senator Mark Leno who's apparent job was to protect Fiona Ma and Mike Gatto from having to answer any questions. In fact, Leno seemed to be running this cart and pony show. Even so, Leno allowed just one question from the public which was "When will there be a public debate?" Netting an answer from Senator Leno "There will be a time for public comment. Now are there questions ONLY from the media?" No. No? How can this be? Journalists always have questions. They certainly had ample questions interviewing the intactivists present. Obviously, there's a gag order to the media equal to the gag order to the public by Leno, Ma, and Gatto who seek to silence voters with AB768 and HR2400 (POPVOX).

As a victim of circumcision I can attest to the long term harm and profound loss that I feel every day of my life. The greatest torment is knowing that I was deprived of an important part of my body by a doctor for no medical reason. I am restoring but why should I have to? I was born healthy and with a perfect body. Circumcision is a defilement, a deprivation, and a violation. It is a life long reminder that my free choice was deigned me.

I wish I lived in San Francisco to participate in your land mark battle. You are forcing our nation to face the ugly truth that circumcision; it is a violation of human rights. Above all, you are forcing them to think about a shameful reality that no one whats to acknowledge; circumcision is child abuse. Please know the I support you and that I keep the topic alive in my area by speaking to everyone that will listen about the harm of circumcision. We will see an end to the madness. Keep up your good and important work. San Francisco, you give me hope. Thank you.