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Activists to ACLU: "Stop defending forced circumcision"

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It has been known for some time that the American Civil Liberties Union opposes men's right to decide the fate of their own foreskin. In 2011 after over 12,000 San Francisco voter signatures qualified a ballot initiative to restrict circumcision to consenting adults, the ACLU of Northern California sued the city of San Francisco on the grounds that such a law would prevent families from practicing genital-cutting rituals on their sons. Such a response from an organization that espouses "equality" comes as a shock since female minors are protected by Federal law from any form of forced genital cutting (even a pinprick) despite the fact that it is also part of some cultural and religious traditions. Male and intersex minors on the other hand, have long been denied equal protection under the law. When the SF MGM Bill gained considerable traction in San Francisco, it seemed completely out-of-character for the ACLU to oppose one of the first steps towards men achieving equal rights to genital autonomy.

Since the ACLU first expressed support for forced circumcision, Bay Area Intactivists members have held several protests at ACLU events to point out the organization's sexism and hypocrisy. The most recent of which took place in July in front of the Oakland-based New Parkway Theater during a ACLU-sponsored screening of a documentary on the fight for marriage equality. Intactivists arrived prior to the film with bold signs and strong words condemning the the ACLU's stance which denies men the right to control what happens to their own bodies.

Intactivists hold signs condemning the ACLU's defense of forced circumcision.
Members of Bay Area Intactivists stand in front of The New Parkway Theater with signs criticizing the ACLU.
Bay Area Intactivists member Lloyd Schofield holds two signs with messages opposing infant circumcision.
Bay Area Intactivists member Jonathon Conte has harsh words for the ACLU.
A young intactivist is barely tall enough to hold her sign which reads "Children also have civil liberties."