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Intactivists honor Gore Vidal with memorial

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Upon learning of the passing of writer Gore Vidal, members of Bay Area Intactivists organized a memorial to honor him for expressing his condemnation of circumcision in his writings. On August 3, a placard with the following two excerpts from Vidal's book Myra Breckinridge was mounted at the corner of Castro Street and 18th Street in San Francisco.

"Until the Forties, only the upper or educated classes were circumcised in America. The real people were spared this humiliation. But during the affluent postwar years the operation became standard procedure, making money for doctors as well as allowing the American mother to mutilate her son in order that he might never forget her early power over him."

"What is truly sinister is the fact that with the foreskin’s removal, up to fifty percent of sensation in the glans penis is reduced….a condition no doubt as pleasing to the puritan American mother as it is to her co-conspirator, the puritan Jewish doctor who delights in being able to mutilate the goyim in the same vivid way that his religion (and mother!) mutilated him."

Bay Area Intactivists members Frank McGinness (left) and Jonathon Conte (right) stand next to a memorial honoring Gore Vidal.