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Intactivist messages abound at San Francisco Pride

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For those attending San Francisco's LGBT Pride celebration this year, it was hard to miss the numerous messages citing infant circumcision as unnecessary, risky, harmful, and unethical.

On Saturday and Sunday, members of Bay Area Intactivists talked foreskins and human rights at their booth in UN Plaza. It was easy to spot the bunch wearing their catchy "Intact Genitals are a Human Right" shirts as they distributed leaflets and chatted with festival-goers. Visitors to their booth were educated on the functions of the foreskin and how circumcision robs men—and their partners—of a full sexual experience. Non-surgical foreskin restoration was also brought up for those interested in undoing some of the damage.

On Sunday, members of Bay Area Intactivists convened on Beale Street to march in the parade. One of the intactivists got an early start and led the parade on his sign-covered bike. Shortly thereafter, another parade contingent, MGM Bill, made its way down Market Street with a sign which read "Stop Male Genital Mutilation." Spectators erupted in cheers at the sight of the Bay Area Intactivists contingent which sprawled over half a city block. Nearly forty intactivists including several families marched along Market Street as they held up banners, distributed stickers, and exclaimed things like "Foreskin is in!"


Members of Bay Area Intactivists march in the 2012 San Francisco LGBT Pride Parade.