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Incredibly sad news: Jonathon Conte has taken his own life

Jonathon Conte, the founder of this website and a powerful force for saving babies from the barbarity of circumcision, committed suicide on Monday May 9. He left no note, but apparently the pain and rage over his own mutilation finally overwhelmed him. We all grieve.

There is much discussion on Facebook, and some on the BAI Discuss email list (see above).

There is a memorial forming of photos, stories, flowers at 18th and Castro in SF. There will be a gathering there Sunday May 15 at 4pm.

All other BAI events will continue as planned.

Jonathon on his intactivist-message bike

Improving Birth rally attendees encouraged to thoroughly research circumcision

On Labor Day, activists gathered at Improving Birth rallies across the country to advocate for evidence-based maternity care. Bay Area Intactivists sponsored a booth at the Improving Birth rally in Walnut Creek to provide resources on the proper care of genitally intact boys as well as literature covering the damage caused by routine infant circumcision. Additionally, Bay Area Intactivists member Jonathon Conte gave a brief talk about infant circumcision as part of the rally's program.

Members of Bay Area Intactivists prepare to greet visitors to their booth at the Improving Birth Rally in Walnut Creek.

Genital autonomy advocates confront San Francisco Medical Society

In August, the San Francisco Medical Society held a physician's networking social on a Thursday evening at Ironside restaurant in San Francisco. As the doctors arrived, they were met by a group of intactivists wielding messages such as "Foreskin is not a birth defect" and "Forced circumcision violates medical ethics." The protesters decided to target the event due to the San Francisco Medical Society's condonation of non-therapeutic infant circumcision.

Armed with protest signs, intactivists stand ready for their encounter with members of the San Francisco Medical Society.

Intactivists take message skyward at Berkeley Kite Festival

Birth expos, street fairs, protests: These are all places one frequently sees members of Bay Area Intactivists working to end infant circumcision and other forms of forced genital cutting. But the human rights group made an unexpected appearance this year at the Berkeley Kite Festival in an attempt to reach a new audience. The event was inspired by longtime Bay Area Intactivists member Frank McGinness who had suggested the group do outreach at the annual kite event in Berkeley.

Bay Area Intactivists members Jonathon Conte, Benjamin Selfridge, Frank McGinness, Danielle Cruzen, and Tom Joseph hold a kite in front of a genital autonomy flag at the Berkeley Kite Festival.

Activists to ACLU: "Stop defending forced circumcision"

It has been known for some time that the American Civil Liberties Union opposes men's right to decide the fate of their own foreskin. In 2011 after over 12,000 San Francisco voter signatures qualified a ballot initiative to restrict circumcision to consenting adults, the ACLU of Northern California sued the city of San Francisco on the grounds that such a law would prevent families from practicing genital-cutting rituals on their sons.

Intactivists hold signs condemning the ACLU's defense of forced circumcision.

Intactivists spend Independence Day at Berkeley Marina

Human rights advocate group Bay Area Intactivists was among those lining the shores of the Berkeley Marina as part of the 4th of July festivities. Its members, wearing messages such as "Intact genitals are a human right", spent the sunny day in the East Bay explaining the functions of the foreskin and how circumcision impairs them. As families strolled by, kids often darted for the orange Bay Area Intactivists wristbands sitting upon a table in the intactivists' booth.

Families attending the Indepedence Day celebration at the Berkeley Marina stroll past the Bay Area Intactivists booth.

San Francisco Pride Parade sees intactivist participation soar to new heights

Attendees of the 2013 San Francisco LGBT Pride Parade witnessed a record number of intactivists (those who advocate for genital autonomy) participating in this annual celebration of sexual freedom. The Bay Area Intactivists contingent was made up of nearly sixty men, women, and children who traversed Market Street carrying banners, waving flags, and riding bicycles.

The Bay Area Intactivists contingent in the 2013 San Francisco LGBT Pride Parade had a record-number of participants.


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